Does Your Hunger Accelerate Anger?

How many of you can’t resist hunger pangs? Is it a just a hunger pang or a sudden volcano erupting in your head at the same time?

Definitely, hunger and anger are associated to each other. When you are hungry, you feel irritated and immense irritation leads to anger. At times, it rises upto a level which is incurable.

Hunger and anger are both inversely related as well. There may be situations where you are angry and give away food not knowing that food alone can lower down your temper as well as cure the worms in your gut. A research has proven that food holds the power to cool down extremely inflated stress and anger levels in a human body.

What makes you angry when you are hungry?

  • Fall in blood glucose level– When you are hungry and have not been fed since so many hours, you are likely to lose patience and control over yourself as when you eat food, the carbohydrates, fats and proteins in the food break down into simpler amino acids (sugars) which then make their ways to the different parts of your body to get energized. When your body lacks food for a long time, the nutrients that help functioning in your body, begin to fall lowering the blood-glucose levels and causing a deficiency of glucose in your body. This lack of glucose in body minimizes brain functioning because of our brain’s dependence on glucose.
  • Anger is your weakness– Hunger can make you angry in most cases. But it is more likely to hit that person who generally can’t keep away with his/her anger levels or who is likely to lose his/her temper even at the drop of a pin.
  • Hectic schedule– Another factor that is capable of inflating anger is the schedule of your day. Imagine, you’ve been roaming around whole day, busy with your work and at the end of the day you are not being served with food which you were craving for since when your day started. What is the feeling you experience at that moment? A tough day indeed, makes you feel low.

How you can pull down your temper? 

  • Don’t let hunger takeover you– Your hunger pangs are likely to attack your mind at the first place. Make through the race and resort to drinking more and more water if you short of food to survive in the situation.
  • Practice Resistance- If you find yourself under a situation where you are extremely restless and your concentration level decreases, close your eyes and breathe in and then, slowly breathe out and keep on performing this till the time you feel comfortable and relaxed.
  • Eat, but healthy– Junk food may kill your anxiety and restlessness more hastily but these nutrients are short lived in your body. Whereas, healthy food is capable of fighting with the worms in your stomach for quite a long time. So, wait and resort to healthy eating.
  • Engage yourself– Diversion of mind may help. Try to engage yourself as much in the other activities which will help you. Keep away with over thinking about food and looking for the tasty food while you are using instagram to kill your hunger pangs. This will in fact turn on the feeling of hunger and will take it another extreme level.

You are still a warrior; the battle is still in your hands. This doesn’t mean that anger is your weapon. Your weapon is instead; your patience and you are fighting for peace of mind but not food.

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