what is flipkart advertising

Just like Amazon, Flipkart is another marketplace where many sellers advertise their products and brands, which helps their overall business growth. If you are a newbie, you might not know what Flipkart advertising is or how to get started with Flipkart ads. In this article, we will let you know about the different terms required to run campaigns.

What is Flipkart Advertising?

Flipkart advertising is a service where sellers can promote a single product or complete listing in order to grab potential customers’ and buyers’ attention.

Who can advertise on Flipkart?

Any registered seller or brand can run campaigns on it. There are two options from where you can start. First, a brand’s owner can start directly from the Flipkart seller panel or can register at flipkart.advertising.com.

Note: Here, these two ad platforms have different campaign types, which you will learn about later in this post.

Flipkart Seller Advertising

There are two types of campaigns available in the Flipkart seller advertising panel.

  1. Cost Per Click (CPC) model: This campaign type is very similar to Amazon PPC (search ads), which works on the basis of clicks occurring each time the product’s ad is visible.
  2. Smart ROI Model: In this campaign model, you can expect maximum return on investment on your advertised products. This works something like the auto-campaign model, in which Flipkart takes responsibility and controls ad delivery to return the best ROI.

Note: For smartroi campaigns, it’s advised to target those products that have shown good performance in the CPC campaign model.

Flipkart Advertising: PLA and PCA

  1. Product Listing Ads (PLA): You can ensure your product visibility on top of the search when a buyer searches for any product under the same category on Flipkart. The PLA model works on the basis of a bidding auction for different ad placements like home page search, top of browse, products page, etc.
  2. Product Contextual Ads (PCA): With PCA, you can showcase multiple products with relevant searches happening on Flipkart. Major brands are utilising this campaign model to increase brand visibility and meet performance goals.

Note: Earlier keyword targeting was only available for PCA, but you can use it in PLA as well. You can currently use broad and exact match keyword targeting.

Benefits of Flipkart Advertising

  • The CPC, PLA, and PCA campaign models operate on a cost per click basis, which means that the seller is only paid when a customer clicks on an ad.
  • In comparison to other marketplaces, competition is light here, allowing you to start with a very low CPC.
  • You don’t have to wait longer, as it will deliver results in just a few days, and on the basis of performance, you can make changes to your strategy.
  • You can track daily performances at different levels (keyword report, search terms, FSN, etc.) and extract the best-performing list, then increase budgets and bids accordingly.

Key Checklist for advertising on Flipkart

  • Make your listing complete in terms of the product’s description, title optimization, high-resolution images, etc. so that customers can get full information about the product, which helps them to trust it.
  • Make a list of priority FSNs to advertise and target in the CPC model first.
  • Take the best-performing products from cost-per-click campaigns and target them in smart ROI campaigns.
  • Always start with low bids and increase them gradually whenever required. Keep returns close to those suggested by Flipkart in the same category for smart ROI.
  • When your campaigns perform well, don’t miss the competitors’ keywords to add to your list. This will increase the visibility of your products.
  • Keep an eye on your stock inventory and adjust the budget accordingly.

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